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The 15-Minute City

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We as the body of Christ have a responsibility according to scripture, that we are to have no fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them. (Ephesians 5:11)

Whenever you see the plans of the Lord going forth you will always see a counterfeit. Satan loves to copy what the Lord is doing, as a counterattack.

The Lord’s City

When the Lord had given the revelation of His plans and purposes for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent it started with a picture given of a wheel. The Hub being the center of activity for the Region. A Training/Equipping Center, with a revival mandate. The spokes reach out to network with churches from many streams, working in harmony and unity.

These cities are being birthed throughout the world for the next great move of the Lord.

The Enemies City

According to an article dated September 21,2022, “A Global Push for More 15-Minute Cities” by Amelia Pollard, quote: “The 15-minute city framework emphasizes bringing the essentials of daily life — work, entertainment, schools and green space — within a short walk or bicycle ride from home, reducing vehicle use and dramatically cutting carbon and pollution emissions.” You can access this article here.

Notice the picture of this city is in the shape of a wheel, the hub being the home base, the spokes reach out to the services that are required to sustain life within the city. This is all in the name of climate change.

It has been stated that once these cities have been incorporated, there would be controls put in place. The number of times of access outside this urban center is one of them.

In an article dated June 16,2023 “Strong Mayor Powers Expanded to Mayors in 26 Municipalities” in Ontario, it is stated that strong mayor powers have been given to cut red tape and speed up delivery concerning housing, transit, and infrastructure within their municipalities. Read the article here.

Does this mean that these mayors have arbitrary powers to decide on such matters? It seems so. Could this also be to speed up the implementation of the 15-minute city? Time will tell.

Can you see the pattern?

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