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Prophetically, the Church has been told to watch Israel, according to what is transpiring their naturally, the same is taking place within the Church spiritually. I believe we should consider the same within our communities naturally, that there is a spiritual significance as well.

The North Kent Wind Farm was completed and in operation in 2018. According to a group called “Water Wells First”, black shale began to show up in the water wells since construction began. Fourteen families filed well interference complaints with the Ontario government from Samsung’s construction activities. You can read the article titled “Stunning 14,000 fold increase in black shale particles found in well water since start of Samsung turbine construction”, dated January 24, 2018 Here.

On August 26, 2021, an explosion occurred in Wheatley that reduced two buildings to rubble and injuring seven people. The cause of the explosion was believed to be an abandoned gas well. A toxic gas leak of Hydrogen Sulphide occurred. You can read the article “Wheatley explosion could be tip of the iceberg in Ontario given number of abandoned wells: expert” dated September 2, 2021 Here.

The current proposals of York1 concerning a Waste Landfill in Dresden, is another point of concern with wells. An article in the Chatham Daily News titled “Water well woes after test drilling on nearby dormant landfill naturally occurring, ministry” dated February 15, 2024 Quote: “Dave Willson, who lives across the road from a dormant waste disposal site on Irish School Road, just north of Dresden, said methane gas began showing up in his water well shortly after test drilling was first done on former landfill site nearly two years ago. You can read this article, Here.

  • How do we discern what the Lord is saying concerning the natural wells?

  • Is the Lord trying to WAKE the CHURCH UP to her condition?

  • Is the condition of the spiritual wells causing the natural wells to be stirred?


Wells are places where people gather for fresh manna.

The water that is in the well, is where the true, pure, unadulterated word of God springs forth.

According to the natural our spiritual wells are reflecting the following:

  1. The Water Wells speak of purity, fresh, clean water, that would feed the sheep of the pasture which is the church. The full truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ is not being preached, it has been clogged up.

  2. When the well is clogged with dirt, soil, or any matter: Man (carnality) has clogged the spiritual well not allowing the Holy Spirit to move.

  3. The Gas Wells leaking, speaks of toxicity. The word of God going forth that is of man and not of the Holy Spirit is toxic/deadly.

Within the book “The Vision for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent” on pages10-13 a prophetic act was completed at the four corners of the Municipality. At each corner a small hole, a symbolic well was dug to bring forth:

Reclamation – Reformation – Restoration

There are spiritual wells that are to be Reclaimed, Reformed, and Restored within our Municipality that have been clogged. We as well can dig new wells as the Lord leads.

During our travels throughout the Municipality we discerned the following wells that were to be re dug.

  1. Enoch Nelson – Represents REVIVAL

  2. Moravians – Represents PRAYER/COMMUNITY

  3. Buxton – Represents Setting the Captives Free (Freedman) & Unity

  4. Bothwell – Represents Oil – The Anointing oil.

Let us be found faithful in repentance, in prayer for our part in our carnality, and walk according to the spirit and not of man.  

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